Our Services

ALMA-VO Data Repository

The ALMA-VO Data Repository  service offers ALMA data access through IVOA standard web-services/VO-apps or through a web-page. Currently we support single FITS files search [SCS, SIA and TAP] and complete data products (TAR files) [SCS and TAP]. The ALMA raw data (ASDMs) will be published soon.

JOVIAL CloudLab (private)

The Jupyter OVerride for Astronomical Libraries (JOVIAL) is notebook-based cloud environment to process astronomical data on-line. This service provides Jupyter Notebooks to astronomers, that are executed in the cloud under a python environment. No installation required so is accesible from any device. This service is in beta testing so you need VPN access and an account to use it. If you are interested in participating of this project please contact maray@inf.utfsm.cl


Software Projects


The Advanced Computing for Astronomy Library (ACALib) is a package with state of the art Algorithms for Astronomers. It is intended to have a simple interface and compatibility with Jupyter Notebooks. Besides classic image and spectra manipulation, it includes novel algorithms produced by ChiVO and some HPC versions of them

The oficial documentation can be found in readthedocs

The source is publicly managed by the github service.


The Starlink's CUPID Python Wrapper. CUPID is part of the Starlink Software Collection <http://www.starlink.ac.uk/>, it provides a set of commands that identify and analyse clumps of emission within 1-, 2- and 3-dimensional data arrays. This stand-alone module aims to serve as an interface between CUPID implementation (C and Fortran) and Python. As such, users can simply import the module and use CUPID functions as if they were implemented in Python.

The official documentation can be found in readthedocs

We maintain this wrapper over the github service.