The China-Chile Astronomical Data Center (Chi2AD) is the first data center affiliated to ChiVO. The datacenter has the objective of providing storage and processing capacities to the local and foreign astronomers, including mirroring astronomical data generated in Chile. Most of ChiVO services are currently hosted in this data center, and specifically part of the ALMA data is currently replicated here and accessed through VO services. This is a joint project between CASSACA and the UTFSM

Briefly, the data center consist in:

- 860 TB of storage space for hosting actual data

- 192 cores and 1 TB of total RAM for high-performance computing processing

- 128 cores and 1 TB of total RAM for services and managment

- Infiniband and Ethernet networks

- All-in-one infrastructure solution (container) provided by Huawei 


For any user emergency, please send an email to or open a ticket in or call phone number +56 22 303 7221.