As the first set of astronomical data for the Chilean Virtual Observatory, corresponding to 2260 FITS images belonging to the Cycle 0 of the observations of the ALMA Observatory, which correspond to the observations made during the September 30, 2011 and August 31, 2012.    The data and metada obtained from raw data of the observations and processed with CASA, were extracted from the final FITS images, and using the standards established by IVOA, resources were modeled based on the model ObsCore Data Model (ObsCore DM), fulfill this data model we assure that the data in ChiVO will be available through the same data access protocols such as Simple Access Protocol, Simple Cone Search, Table Access Protocol, among others, as it provides a model for easy understanding and implementation for any user who want to publish his data in our Virtual Observatory.

Name Table Head  Description
accref  Product key  Access key for the data 
owner  Owner  Owner of the data 
embargo  Embargo ends  Date the data will become/became public 
mime  Type  MIME type of the file served 
accsize  File size  Size of the data in bytes 
centerAlpha  Ctr. RA  Approximate center of image, RA 
centerDelta  Ctr. Dec  Approximate center of image, Dec 
imageTitle  Title  Synthetic name of the image 
instId  Instrument  Identifier of the originating instrument 
dateObs  Obs. date  Epoch at midpoint of observation 
nAxes  #axes  Number of axes in data 
pixelSize  Axes Lengths  Number of pixels along each of the axes 
pixelScale  Scales  The pixel scale on each image axis 
refFrame  Ref. Frame  Coordinate system reference frame 
wcs_equinox  Equinox  Equinox of the given coordinates 
wcs_projection  Proj.  FITS WCS projection type 
wcs_refPixel  Ref. pixel  WCS reference pixel 
wcs_refValues  Ref. values  World coordinates at WCS reference pixel 
wcs_cdmatrix  CD matrix  FITS WCS CDij matrix 
pixflags  P. Flags  Flags specifying the processing done
coverage  Coverage  Field covered by the image 
target_name  Target_name  Targeted observation 
s_ra  RA  Right Ascension 
s_dec  Dec  Declination